Ideoses 4: This Place Will Never Belong to Me

0114 Mar 2010

Where is the trash of our contemporaneity stored? Where do you find the refuse of society? Who do you look for the heaps of discarded people and things?

We are living in an era of consumer society. Our sense of satisfaction depends on the number of things and gadgets we possess. Advertising and mass media arouse and create our needs. Consumption has become a form of building personality and social position aligned with a system of brands. This breeds exclusion, frustration, a sense of failure. Economic and technological progress and their crisis impose a social order that produces trash, waste, dirt. There is no room for such things in the society of progress, and they are rejected, marginalised, forgotten, eliminated, jobless, homeless. Poured through from one heap to another, driven through from one place to another, they are never at home.

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Jan Brzuszek
Sławomir ZBK Czajkowski
Wei Liu
Monika Sosnowska
Dariusz Paczkowski 3fala
Grupa Twożywo


Maria Franecka
Agnieszka Kleczyk
Maciej Kuś

Exhibition is on from 1 through 14 March 2010
Tuesday Saturday, 16.0019.00

Accompanying events:

Prof Andrzej Turowski’s lecture, You’ve Taken the Masks and Given Us Trash. Part 2: Biopolitics

Museum of Modern Art
Pańska Street 3, Warsaw
25 February 2010, 16.00

Screening of the movie by Wei Liu

Multimedia billboards at Warsaw Underground
From 5 March 2010, 00:0003:00

Unveiling of billboard by Dariusz Paczkowski

Tytusa Chałubińskiego Street 7
28 February 2919, 13.00

Workshop by Roman Dziadkiewicz

Avant-garde Institute
1 March 2010, 16.30

Meeting with Jaś Domicz about his work Warm Place

Avant-garde Institute
6 March 2010, 16.30

Exposure of the mural by Stanisław ZBK Czajkowski, painted on 3031.03.2010

Squat Elba
Elbląska 2, Warsaw